Helping those recovering from COVID-19 at home

CovidFree@Home aims to help patients that have been diagnosed with COVID-19, by recording their symptoms and creating a dialogue between them and their physician. Patients diagnosed with COVID can use our mobile app to report their symptoms and sensor data. This allows patients to stay at home if they are not in need of medical attention but keep their doctors updated on their health.



We are always working on new research to ensure that we create a tool that is useful and accessible for people with COVID.

Detect Early

Use continuous monitoring to detect early deterioration of people with COVID-19 so that they can be brought to the hospital timely and safely


Reassure patients who show no concerning signs to prevent them from going to the emergency department and using already stressed healthcare resources


Develop a better understanding of the progression of COVID-19


We are a multi-disciplinary team of PhD's, clinicians, professors, and doctors


How thousands of COVID-19 patients have been getting remote care at home

The pandemic shut down their tests of a lung disease app. So they’re developing a mobile app to monitor COVID-19 patients at home

How AI and smartwatches can help us cope with COVID-19

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