Helping those with COVID-19 isolating at home

COVIDFree@Home is a research study that uses smartphones and smartwatches to monitor newly diagnosed COVID positive patients who are isolating at home. The study provides clinicians an easy, convenient and efficient way to virtually oversee many patients to deliver medical guidance and reassurance. The objective of the research study is to use data patients enter into the COVIDFree@Home app to predict who will be fine at home and who will need escalation of care.


About Us

COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Millions of Canadians have been infected, with the majority managing their infection at home.

Our team developed the COVIDFree@Home platform to remotely monitor people with COVID-19 isolating at home. People enter their symptoms and other health information twice a day into a mobile app and the data is uploaded and displayed on an internet-based dashboard that can be monitored by healthcare providers.

The dashboard is optimized to allow clinicians to efficiently follow many patients to determine who needs attention. When they review a patient’s data, a notification is sent back to the patient, offering them reassurance that they are not alone. In a second phase of the study, we provide patients with a smartwatch that automatically and continuously collects sensor data (heart rate, accelerometer, gyroscope, audio, etc.). This data is used, along with models we have developed, to determine respiratory rate and cough to obtain a more comprehensive picture of patient health.

The objective of our research study is to use data that patients enter into the COVIDFree@Home app to develop algorithms that predict who will be fine at home and who will need escalation of care.


Detect Early

To use continuous monitoring to detect early deterioration of people with COVID-19 so that they can be brought to the hospital safely and in a timely manner.


To reassure people with COVID-19 who show no concerning signs that they are okay and do not need hospitalization or other emergency healthcare services.


To develop a better understanding of acute COVID-19 and its progression.


The COVIDFree@Home multidisciplinary team includes infectious disease specialists, students, researchers, patients, biostatisticians, computer scientists, a respirologist and a general internist.


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